The Arthur C Clarke Award – The submissions (part 1)


Every year, before announcing the shortlist (and from there, the winner), the organisers of the Arthur C Clarke Award traditionally release the full list of the books submitted to the judges for consideration.

This year, in order to highlight some of the fantastic fiction being written by women in the field* the ACCA administrators have started by listing all the books by women that have been submitted. It’s well worth a look, if only to lay waste to the myth that women don’t write science fiction**.

Click here for the list.


*In the field of science fiction, that is. We make no claims as to the location in which these books were written, be it Starbucks, a home office, or, indeed, a field.

** Another way to see some great science fiction by women would be to check out – and support – this great Kickstarter by Lightspeed Magazine.

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