Robot Round Up 13/12/13

Hi everyone,

It’s Round Up time again, and this time we’ve got a selection of our recent titles that we really feel you should take a look at.


Heartwood by Freya Robertson


Heartwood by Freya RobertsonFirst up, Heartwood by Freya Robertson, the first in an exciting new epic fantasy series: The Elemental Wars! You can read interviews with Freya on SF Signal, Civilian Reader, Terribleminds and My Bookish Ways. On Searching for Superwomen she talks video games, and on Bookworm Blues we find out what speculative fiction has taught her.

Heartwood has also been picking up some great reviews. Here’s what people think:

“A great start to a series and one that I’ll be sticking with.” - Falcata Times

“As a fan of epic, military fantasy, I’ve read quite a few in my days and was honestly impressed with Heartwood … Robertson’s world building was spot on. Looking for an epic novel with a fresh and new take? This. is. it.” – Books With Tien

“Compelling. I enjoyed the intricacies of the story and how detailed the world was … I would definitely recommend this book.” – Hstoffel Book Reviews

“[The] plot is gripping and the characters are great … It felt like reading a really good computer game” –

“an impressive feat of storytelling featuring rich world-building and a story on an epically massive scale” – The Bibliosanctum

“The biggest strength of Heartwood is its vivid attention to world building. The world that the characters inhabit is fully fleshed out and fully detailed over the course of the novel, and the reader gets to learn about several things, certainly more so than your average fantasy novel.” – The Founding Fields

“I really enjoyed the many female characters is this story and the author does a very good job of portraying them as strong and accomplished knights.” – Two Ends of the Pen

“I appreciated the gender balance Robertson presented with the Knights and especially that a woman was leading them. The strength of the novel was in the character of Procella in particular and how very real her actions and emotions felt.” – SFF World

“[If] you like your fantasy with adventure and death. This is for you. And with a twist to environment as well!” – My World, In Words and Pages

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