Lee’s Best of the Year

As part of our authors’ 12 Days of Christmas, which will start on Friday 13, the AR/SC/EA team have been given space to blather on about what Christmas means to them.

Here’s Angry Robot’s Senior Editor, Lee Harris, and later today will be Wanda from our New York office!

Over to you, Lee…

OK. This is going to be one of those annoying Best Of lists that crop up everywhere at this time of the year. I’ve read more novels for pleasure than I did last year (I didn’t get close to my – rather pathetic – target, but I found the time to read more), and I’ve enjoyed more TV and comics, conventions and audio dramas.

These are my favourite things I’ve consumed this year. They’re not necessarily this year’s releases.

So – my Top Threes of the year (in no particular order):

Novels (and I’m not including any Angry Robot books here. You can safely assume that all 24 made my Best 3 of the Year list, too).

LondonFallingUSLondon Falling by Paul Cornell

Urban Fantasy police procedural at its best. Paul is one of those annoying individuals who excels at everything he does. He’s multiple Hugo-nominated for his screenwriting and comics, and has won Hugos for the SF Squeecast (which he co-hosts with a number of other writer/fans). See – he’s even better at being a fan than the rest of us! And the most annoying thing? He’s a thoroughly nice chap, and so it’s difficult to begrudge him any of this. Expect London Falling to be on many shortlists this coming year.

TerraTerra by Mitch Benn

It’s difficult to do comedy novels well. It’s more difficult to do science fiction comedies well. Mitch Benn nailed it with his first novel. Swine! It’s too early to say if he’s going to steal Douglas Adams’ crown, but you can be sure he’s got one eye on the sceptre and another on the escape route. And possibly a third on a beer and some cake – who knows?

The girl with all the giftsThe Girl With All the Gifts by MJ Carey

MJ Carey is the cunning pseudonym of Mike Carey, author of the Felix Castor series of urban fantasy novels, and far too many top quality comics to name (but Lucifer, Suicide Risk, X-Men, Hellblazer are among them). The Girl With All the Gifts is, I think, his best work to date. It reads like Ishiguro, if Ishiguro were better at genre. It deals with a topic that I generally never read, as I thought everything had been done on the subject (and done to death), but I was wrong. And no – I’m not going to outline what that subject is. Spoilers, sweetie. 


Bloody Comixology! A lifelong comics fan, I now read more comics than ever before because the Comixology app on my iPad makes it too easy to buy them! *shakes first at sky* Here, then, are my Top Three for the year (although it was a very difficult choice, and I could so easily pick a top 20):

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