Cover Reveal: The Eighth Court by Mike Shevdon, Cover Art by John Coulthart


Here’s the cover for The Eighth Court, the fourth book in Mike Shevdon‘s utterly fantastical Courts of the Feyre series, which we’re publishing in June 2013.

This one has been packed with gorgeous, twiddly detail by the one and only, World Fantasy Award Winning artist, John Coulthart. Regular readers of The Qwillery will have seen this one already, but everyone else should immediately click the pic for a larger version, in order to see it in all its glory. Go on, you know you want to…

The Eighth Court by Mike Shevdon, cover art by John Coulthart

And check out the rest of the series: Sixty-One Nails, The Road to Bedlam and Strangeness and Charm. Wouldn’t they look just incredibly handsome as a complete set on your bookshelves..?

Sixty-One Nails by Mike Shevdon, covert art by John Coulthart  The Road to Bedlam by Mike Shevdon, covert art by John Coulthart  Strangeness and Charm by Mike Shevdon, covert art by John Coulthart

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Man those are fantastic covers. I will have them all on my shelf some day.


Stunning. Gonna look mighty pretty on my shelf.


[…] In June, Mike Shevdon and Angry Robot Books will release The Eighth Court, the fourth and final book in his Courts of the Feyre series. I credit Mike to pulling me into Urban Fantasy with the first book, Sixty-One Nails. Before that, I had cast Urban Fantasy aside as a genre I didn’t care to read. As you can see, there are enough books above in Science Fiction, Epic Fantasy and Horror. Well, thanks to that cheeky bastard I now enjoy Urban Fantasy as well, or at least his version. His last book, Strangeness and Charm, had a more cinematic ending than Marvel’s Avengers. To say that I’m expecting a grand finale in The Eighth Court is an understatement; I’m getting amped just thinking about it. […]

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