The Obligatory Annual Awards Eligibility Post


Awards Season has once again recommenced, and folk often tell us that they like to have a list of what was published when, in order to help them plan their award nominations and votes.

The books and artists below are listed simply as an aide-mémoire – not as a list of recommendations. Similarly, the genre listed beside each book is a suggestion – many of these titles are multi-genre, so don’t take the suggestions as the final word.

Debut novels first published in 2012 by Angry Robot

  • Empire State by Adam Christopher – Science Fiction
  • Giant Thief by David Tallerman – Fantasy
  • Dead Harvest by Chris F Holm – Urban Fantasy
  • The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle – Fantasy
  • vN by Madeline Ashby – Science Fiction
  • The Corpse-Rat King by Lee Battersby – Fantasy
  • The Dead of Winter by Lee Collins – Dark Fantasy

Non-Debuts first published in 2012 by Angry Robot

  • City of Light and Shadow by Ian Whates – Fantasy
  • The Great Game by Lavie Tidhar – Steampunk / Science Fiction
  • Carpathia by Matt Forbeck – Fantasy / Horror
  • Omega Point by Guy Haley – Science Fiction
  • Costume Not Included by Matthew Hughes – Fantasy / Superhero
  • Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig – Urban Fantasy
  • Evil Dark by Justin Gustainis – Urban Fantasy
  • Strangeness and Charm by Mike Shevdon – Urban Fantasy
  • Night’s Engines by Trent Jamieson – Fantasy
  • The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S Kemp – Fantasy
  • Suited by Jo Anderton – Science Fiction
  • The Crown of the Usurper by Gav Thorpe – Fantasy
  • Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher – Fantasy / Science Fiction / Superhero
  • Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig – Urban Fantasy
  • The Wrong Goodbye by Chris F Holm – Urban Fantasy
  • Crown Thief by David Tallerman – Fantasy

Artwork that debuted on publications by Angry Robot in 2012

  • Empire State artwork by Will Staehle
  • Giant Thief artwork by Angelo Rinaldi
  • Dead Harvest artwork by Amazing15
  • The Alchemist of Souls artwork by Larry Rostant
  • vN artwork by Martin Bland
  • The Corpse-Rat King artwork by Nick Castle Design
  • The Dead of Winter artwork by Chris McGrath
  • City of Light and Shadow artwork by Greg Bridges
  • The Great Game artwork by David Frankland
  • Carpathia artwork by Nick Castle Design
  • Omega Point artwork by Neil Roberts
  • Costume Not Included artwork by Tom Gould
  • Blackbirds artwork by Joey HiFi
  • Evil Dark artwork by Timothy Lantz
  • Strangeness and Charm artwork by John Coulthart
  • Night’s Engines artwork by Angelo Rinaldi
  • The Hammer and the Blade artwork by Richard Jones
  • Suited artwork by Dominic Harman
  • The Crown of the Usurper artwork by Paul Young
  • Seven Wonders artwork by Will Staehle
  • Mockingbird artwork by Joey HiFi
  • The Wrong Goodbye artwork by Amazing15
  • Crown Thief artwork by Angelo Rinaldi
  • Moxyland (reissue) with new artwork by Joey HiFi
  • The Nekropolis Archives artwork by Steve Stone
  • The Knights of Breton Court artwork by Joey HiFi

See cover thumbnails to the right (under “Out Now”) and click for the bigger versions.

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