Robot Round-Up, 30.03.12


Hello there, and welcome to another dose of Angrily Robotic link goodness, courtesy of our latest Robot Round-Up! Without further preamble, here’s what’s been occurring in the last seven days:

The Alchemist of Souls by Anne LyleAnne Lyle‘s debut novel of Elizabethan alt-hist-fantasy swashbuckling intrigue, The Alchemist of Souls (April 5th), was reviewed by Paul Simpson at Sci-Fi Bulletin, with the following verdict: “An engrossing read that every so often pulls the carpet out from beneath your expectations.”

Anne has also been guest-blogging about her Big Idea on John Scalzi’s Whatever and has been talking to Fantasy Faction about her fantastical and historical influences, her writing habits, The Alchemist of Souls and the next instalment in the series, The Merchant of Dreams.

Over at The Founding Fields, Shadowhawk reviewed Guy Haley‘s Reality 36 by way of a prelude to reading Omega Point, about which Shadowhawk subsequently said: “So would I recommend this novel? Yes, I most definitely would.”

Matthew HughesCostume Not Included was extremely well-received and reviewed over at 42 Webs, where the conclusion was: “Costume Not Included is a great book and one of the must-reads in modern fantasy and superhero fiction this year.”

Chris F. Holm‘s Dead Harvest was reviewed by Ken at Paperless Reading, who said: “If you love gritty supernatural stories then you should give Dead Harvest a go.” And by Tony of Tony’s Thoughts who, it turns out, is prepared to sell his soul to get hold of a copy of the sequel, The Wrong Goodbye. Be careful what you wish for Tony… >:)

The Hammer and the Blade, by Paul S KempWe’ve seen another early review of Paul S. Kemp‘s The Hammer and the Blade, this time from Rob Bedford at who said: “[Kemp’s] voice is very engaging, the characters came across as very believable and I want to know more about the world they inhabit.”

Adam Christopher has been talking to Fantasy Book Review about Empire State, making the transition from New Zealand to England and his plans for the future. And check out Erik Lundqvists’s in-depth interview with Adam at his I Will Read Books, in which they talked about Adam’s new two-book deal.

Rudy Rucker has posted the prologue to vN by Madeline Ashby on his webzine.

You can see the transcript of Matt Forbeck‘s recent Twitter chat with #sffwrtcht – Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat and (if the Twitter-format doesn’t do your head in) learn all sorts of stuff about Matt’s background in gaming and the origins of Carpathia.

Jo Anderton talked about how to focus as a writer with Lisa Hannett. And Debris was reviewd by Zoe at, thusly: “Debris is well written, and the characterisation is great. There are some gems in there … The world building is complex and detailed, and the plot is never predictable. A definite recommendation from me!”

Lavid Tidhar has been talking to Odo at Sense of Wonder (También puedes leer esta entrevista en español) about his 2012 BSFA-Award nominated novel Osama (from PS Publishing) and his work on The World SF Blog.

That’s all for this week, folks. Next weekend is Eastercon weekend and a number of your Robot Overlords will be out of the office, so if we don’t get a Round-Up posted on Friday, look out for a double-whammy the following week. Cheers!

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