Robot Round-Up, 02.03.12


Hello, hello and welcome once again to your weekly dose of Angry Robot online action. Here’s what we’ve spotted our authors getting up to in the last seven days or so:

Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmWith Chris F. Holm‘s electrifying debut Dead Harvest out this week, we’re understandably Holm-heavy (and delightfully so). We’ll kick off with a bunch of great blog reviews from: My Bookish Ways (“Dead Harvest was just a pleasure to read, through and through”), The Qwillery (“Chris F. Holm’s writing is assured and the world building is outstanding”), The Eloquent Page (“Fast paced dark fantasy that is likely to leave you wanting more”) and Dark Central Station (“a shit storm of soul-ripping, chain smoking, anti-hero bad-assedness”), as well as the Barnes and Noble Blog (“Can you afford to get lost in a good book this week? No? Then I strongly suggest you avoid Chris F. Holm’s debut Dead Harvest.”)

Chris has been out and about, chatting to his growing legion of fans and admirers again this week, with a college radio interview with Culturewars Podcast and interviews at The Qwillery (who are giving away two copies of the book as well) and My Bookish Ways (who are also running a giveaway – get in there!). Chris has also Guest-Posted at team crime writers’ blog Do Some Damage on the subject of ‘Fantastical Noir’.

Carpathia by Matt ForbeckAlso published this week, we have the Titanic meets 30 Days of Night vamp-fest Carpathia by Matt Forbeck. We’ve spotted new reviews this week from Falcata Times (“a tale with some bite”), SciFi Bulletin (“plenty of gore and horrifying incidents”), Voxael (“Matt brings his talent for creating great, relatable characters and then building a compelling story around them.”).

Matt has likewise been out and about (virtually speaking). He shared five facts about Carpathia in a Take Five piece for and was interviewed by SciFi Bulletin and Jim – Yes, THAT Jim (oh… that Jim? That’s alright, then.)

Onwards, to more coverage for a couple of our forthcoming titles! Next month we publish The Alchemist of Souls, a fantastic alt-history/fantasy/romance (in the truest sense of the term) debut by Anne Lyle. This week, The Alchemist of Souls was reviewed by Elloise Hopkins (“Throuhgout the book the intrigue increases and the threads of the story converge to a satisfying climax”) and Anne was interviewed by The Founding Fields.

Chuck Wendig‘s Blackbirds is also just around the corner (May 2012) and was reviewed by Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review. It also received what is possibly the most ravey review we’ve seen for a book yet, at My Awful Reviews.

Paul S. Kemp‘s The Hammer and the Blade is still a little way off (July 2012) but to whet your appetites well in advance, he’s just posted a fifth extract from the book.

Empire State by Adam ChristopherRecently-published titles continute to garner their due love and attention as well: Adam Christopher‘s dimension-warping superhero-dieselpunk extravaganza Empire State was reviewed by Book Monkey and Adam was interviewed by Starburst Magazine. David Tallerman‘s fantastical crime caper Giant Thief has been reviewed by My Favourite Books and My Awful Reviews. And David has written a guest post on the origins of Easie Damasco over at My Favourite Books as well as a discussion of unreliable narrators over at And Lavie Tidhar‘s steampunk spy thriller The Great Game was reviewed by Ros Jackson for Warpcore SF.

Meanwhile, insidious and unstoppable Angry Robot memebots continue to help new meat-suits to discover some of last hear’s highlights, resulting in Trent Jamieson‘s Roil being reviewed by In Case of Survival and Lauren Beukes‘ Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning (are we ever going to tire of saying that? I don’t think so…) Zoo City reviewed by Melissa Morrow and named Book of the Month at as well.

Finally, in the department of Robotic Good Deeds, we’re happy to report that a signed set of all three volumes of The Knights of Breton Court by the marvellous Maurice Broaddus raised $50 for Con or Bust’s fan fund.

Our work here is done for another week. Enjoy your weekend, and remember: every book you buy between now and Monday morning is one more brick in the book-fort that might just save you from the Robot Legions if they decide to turn up in the next couple of days… can you afford not to?

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