The Return of Open Door


Yes, you heard correctly – we’re running another Open Door submission period this year.

Last year we relaxed our submissions guidelines, and opened the door to unagented authors who had written novels they thought would interest us. Throughout March we received an average of 32 submissions a day! And that’s in addition to all the great work we had being submitted through the usual channels!

So far we’ve contracted three authors (a minimum of six books) from that process:

Cassandra Rose Clarke (The Mad Scientist’s Daughter, The Assassin’s Curse)
Lee Collins (The Dead of Winter, She Returns From War)
Lee Battersby (The Corpse-Rat King, Marching Dead)

and we’re not quite finished, yet!

This year, we’re going to narrow the focus, somewhat. Angry Robot are specifically looking for classic fantasy (high, epic, medieval, magical, etc etc), and Strange Chemistry (our YA imprint) will be looking for all forms of sf and fantasy YA. The doors will be open from April 16th through April 30th.

Full details can be found here.


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[…] Angry Robot wants your epic fantasy! Angry Robot are having another Open Door Month soon, this time solely for epic fantasy (a subgenre they haven't really done much of before). Find out more here: http://angryrobotbooks.com/2012/01/t…-of-open-door/ […]


So no steampunk? Awwww.


The above says that you’re not quite finished reading through the submissions sent for the 2011 Open Door period, but the full workup of guidelines/rules for the 2012 Open Door reading period states that
“[l]ast year we received nearly 1,000 submissions, and it took us 9 months to get through them all.” Are you still working your collective way through the subs for the 2011 period?

I ask because I sent my submission on the last allowable day (UK reckoning), and received a confirmation e-mail, but I’m now wondering if my sub did not, in fact, reach you. If it’s still in queue and all’s well, then, um, never mind 🙂


@Anthorn No, not this time around. Maybe in a future Open Door, who knows..? Never say never.


Hi Michael,

According to our Sent Items folder, we dropped you a line about Gear and Coil on June 14th. I’m sorry you somehow didn’t see this. I’ll resend.


Now I know exactly what I’ll be doing during February and March. All hail Angry Robot!


Right, should be interesting – I intend to get a submission for Strange Chemistry. Hopefully.


i have a question
i’m a published author at egypt , at one of the big publishing house here : Nahdet Misr , named : Ranmaro & The Hidden Secret
the novel first part is now at 3rd edition in 2 years
i’m asking are you interested in an epic, high fantasy , inter-planetary fantasy
the series is 7 parts , one is published , three are finished
are you interested in foreign language epic series that needs to be translated to english , or any other language other than arabic ?



Hey Ahmed,

Alas, at this present time we are only able to review submissions in English, whether via Open Door or an agent’s submission.



[…] After the huge success of last year’s open door submissions, Angry Robot Books is once again opening their doors to non-agented, non-solicited manuscripts, from April 16th to April 30th 2012. They’re looking for “classic” fantasy (epic, medieval, magical, etc) and their YA imprint “Strange Chemistry” is also looking for fantasy for YA readers. Get those manuscripts polished up, and good luck! For more info, click here. […]


Hey Ahmed, nice work! (I remember you from SFF Chronicles)

And also best of luck with the rest of the series!


[…] full details can be found here, along with terms and conditions. There’s a link to the terms and conditions for the Strange […]


Sounds great, I have I fantasy novel I might consider submitting, but first I will make sure it meets all the requirements – good that I still have a month.


Hi there,

I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if there was any news of an open door in 2013? I’ve been looking for hints of it since the beginning of the year.


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