Giant Thief – it just gets better and better


Giant Thief by David TallermanPlenty of love rolling in for David Tallerman’s energetic debut novel, Giant Thief:

SFX Magazine says:

Breathless pace… Damasco resembles a landlocked version of Jack Sparrow… The atypical backdrop,self-aware style and downplaying of magics bring to mind the contemporary fantasies of Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie.

Meanwhile, Starburst had this to say:

I’m finding it hard to dislike anything about this book. It’s a fun, entertaining read, everything a good story should be… David Tallerman’s first novel is a gripping yarn, one that is difficult to put down once started, and this reviewer is eagerly awaiting the next tale of Easie Damasco.

Over at A Fantastical Librarian, they confidently state that

If you’re up for a fun, fast-paced adventure featuring rogues, giants and lots of fighting, you won’t want to miss it!

and Publishers Weekly tells us:

“Best known for an eclectic variety of short stories, Tallerman debuts with a breezy novel of a man with his eye on the prize … Tallerman’s charming, devil-may-care hero has plenty of swashbuckling roguishness to carry him through the planned sequels.”

And Fantasy Nibbles was impressed, too:

This really is a fun read. Saltlick is adorable, I want one! It’s straightforward, linear, smack down the middle fast-paced goodness.

Giant Thief is released in mass market paperback in the US and Canada on January 31st, and in the UK on February 2nd. The eBook is released worldwide on January 31st in ePub and Kindle formats.

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S’wonderful. I really enjoyed Easie’s first book. Once I get the hang of my ereader… then I’ll be able to mark more of the great parts. I know my print copy next month will be stuck full of bookmarks!

The sense of humor is fantastic. :>

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