Cover art first look – The Hammer & the Blade


{ click for a closer look – warning: insane level of detail }

In July we’re publishing the first in Paul S Kemp’s exciting new fantasy series, The Hammer & the Blade. It tells of renowned treasure hunters and adventurers Egil (he’s the burly bastard priest with an uncanny way of getting believers to fall in line) and Nix (no lock unpicked, no treasure unsnaffled, no serving wench unfondled) and lo, here they are.

This stunning art is by the ever-lovely Richard Jones of Artist Partners. We were going to wait until it had some lettering on but frankly, we couldn’t contain ourselves.

You can read a great interview/live chat with Paul about the novel, plus an insight into his many bestselling Star Wars novels (skweeee!) over at Reddit.com.

PS, Lots more upcoming art to wonder over shortly.

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Just from that brief description of the premise and characters, I can tell that this is going to be a series I’ll want to get my hands on! Plus, that cover art is indeed gorgeous1


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[…] Paul S. Kemp held a forum-style interview/chat with Reddit’s Fantasy Community this week, talking about his Star wars titles and, of course, his forthcoming Angry Robot debut, The Hammer and the Blade (July 2012). Plus: if you haven’t already seen it, check out the cover artwork for said tome, here. […]

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