Steampunk Competition results!


It is International Steampunk Day today… and to commemorate that fact we have decided to release the much anticipated results of our competition to win a steampunked Kindle.

The competition was fierce – we received almost 200 entries to the competition, many of which were of the highest quality. We got beautiful line art, some Steampunk fashion drawings, a haiku or two, photos of you all dressed up in your gear, Steampunk conversions, tattoos…and even a photo of an Angry Robot decked out in a flying cap! Thanks to everyone who took part and who sent in pieces, I had great fun sifting through them all – you are very a talented bunch.

The judging team included Lee and I, as well as Roland (one of our UK sales team) and Sara and John (our US sales and marketing team) – and we had a very difficult job in front of us. After much debate we all went off into a corner and each selected our own top 5 list – which I then combined using complex algorithms (and an abacus) to work out who had won.

So without delay, here are the runners up – in no particular order – who will each receive a pack of our Steampunk books:

Darren – for his fabulous pictures of a very cool dirigible.

Aaron – for his pictures of two Steampunk weapons (a rifle and a pistol) along with some very ambitious concept art for his next couple of planned pieces.

Melanie – for her brilliantly constructed Steampunk guitar, shot in glorious detail, using a real guitar for a base and turning it into a fabulously realized piece of Steampunk rock!


And finally – drum roll please…..

The winner of a Steampunked Kindle is:

Michal – whose entry was a pop-up Steampunk birthday card. His entry melted the hearts of all the judges. It was cute, it was clever, it was unique and it was a brilliant idea. It stood out as a surprisingly minimalist entry when compared to the coils of copper and bolts that dominated some of the conversions. A Steampunked Kindle, pre-loaded with a bunch of our books is heading towards him now, on the fastest zeppelin in our arsenal! Congratulations Michal!

Over the next couple of days I will be posting up images of the winning entry and the three runners, so keep an eye out for some glorious Steampunk goodness!

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Thank you very much. I’m not used to winning, so this came as a suprise. A very pleasant surprise.

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