The World House: Restoration – The first review (hint: 10 out of 10)


In a classic example of premature exhilaration, The Traveler has posted the very first review of Restoration by our very own Guy Adams at The Traveler’s Steampunk Blog (note: Restoration isn’t steampunk, though):

I cannot help but wonder what is going on in Guy’s mind… The storyline of Restoration interlocks with The World House on several occasions and the revelations you get from it are frightning.

fast-paced, gripping and terrifying

Restoration is one frightningly good book. I was enthralled by it from the first page… I actually briefly considered skipping work because I could not put it down

10 out of 10

Restoration is published in the UK on July 7th and in the US and Canada on July 26th.

If you haven’t yet read The World House, then now’s a great time to grab yourself a copy before Restoration hits the shelves!

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Excellent news. I loved The World House. Really looking forward to the sequel.

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