Embedded and The Damned Busters – reviewed


Dan Abnett’s superior military SF novel Embedded continues to garner praise, as does Matthew Hughes’ wonderfully funny The Damned Busters.

EmbeddedFirst up, Embedded, reviewed at Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review:

I don’t know anyone who does military sci-fi better… When the ‘military’ part of this military sci-fi kicks in, Dan Abnett really brings his ‘A Game’ to the table and you are immediately caught up in a rush of fire fights, espionage and explosions… Abnett delivers the kind of pulsating military sci-fi that we all know he can. Fans of Abnett will lap this one up and fans of military sci-fi in general should check it out anyway.
Eight and a Quarter out of Ten

Next, The Damned Busters reviewed at Ginger Nuts of Horror (no, really):

A good six hours later I realised I still had all the house work to do, and I really should go and pick up the boy child from school. Yes the book is that good… Hughes writing is both funny and clever, with some great descriptive passages.  he has a style that instantly hooks the reader, that manages  to balance the fine line between being a funny novel, and novel that is just full of jokes…

I will be picking up the next instalment of this series without a doubt. A highly recommended read.

‘Nuff said.

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