Angry Robot Theme Tune Remix – The Results!


Aaaaaaangry Robot, A A A A A A A A Aaaaaangry Robot…

That clever Mr John Anealio and the equally-talented Mr Matt Forbeck are jointly responsible for the Angry Robot theme tune – John for the melody and Matt for the lyric.

Crazy cats that we are, in March we decided to run a competition to create a remix of the tune, and we had loads of entries. Mr Anealio is currently putting together a downloadable album of all the entries (which were uniformly great), but until then we thought you might like to hear the winners (who get to die horrific deaths in Matt’s next Angry Robot book, Carpathia).

Dale Chase.

Here are the best three, as judged by Matt, John and the robot overlord, Marc Gascoigne. The files will stream, but they’re quite large, so may take a fair few seconds to buffer.

In third place, David Ritter (MacMufasa).

In second place, Denis Cherryman

and the winner:

Dale O’neil Chase. (

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