Win a Kindle – a Steampunked Kindle!


That is right, to celebrate our fantastic range of Steampunk books this month, we are running a competition to win a Kindle. But not just any Kindle. A Steampunked Kindle. Which we will pre-load with five of our books, including Kell’s Legend, King Maker, Servant of the Underworld, Crown of the Blood and The World House.

And this is what you can expect:

Sadly, although I have been working hard on my clockwork and copper skills, I am not quite up to the necessary levels of technical skill to complete the conversion myself – so we have used those alchemical geniuses over at Gelaskins to do the work for us… and a fine job they promise to do too!

So, how can you get yourself involved in this fantastic competition? Easy. We love Steampunk. Everything Steampunk. And we can’t get enough of quirky outfits, laptops encased in wood and copper. The whole shebang. So….

Send us your examples of cool Steampunk stuff – maybe it is a photo of you in your leather and copper get up, or a picture of a day-to-day item that you have converted into a glorious piece of Steampunk tech. Maybe it is a quick sketch you jotted down in a notebook. Hell – it could even be a Steampunk inspired song you have written and performed – or perhaps a Haiku that has been spinning round the inside of your skull for the last few months.

Pretty much anything Steampunk is eligible. Except – and this is important – for novels or short stories. We already have enough to read with all the submissions we got last month. After all we did get 990 submissions in four weeks!

Send your Steampunk awesomeness to

The best submission will win the Kindle.

Three runners-up will also get copies of all of the books that feature in our steampunk month.

The competition closes at midnight on May 15th 2011.

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No novels?? Well that’s me out then 🙁

Tanith McGlothlin
April 15th, 2011 at 3:40 pm

I’ve never won ANYthing and this is soo cool. I wanna win!!


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I got pictures. But does it count if those wearing the costumes or having the cool gadgets is not me? lol.


No fiction? That’s me gone too.


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Gloria – if they’re pictures of things you made, then absolutely.


No Fiction also throws me out but I may try with a Haiku.


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Are we limited to one entry or can we submit a few?


Looks like everyone ra out of steam before I got an answer :'(


Just curious, how many submissions have been received so far?


Hey Gill – we don’t always get to see comments to previous blog posts – sorry we missed yours.

One entry only for this one. 🙂


MD – not sure, yet. Going to log into that email address at the end of the competition… 🙂


when will the winner be announced? 🙂


When will the winners be chosen?


We’ll be announcing the shortlist and the winner next week (probably). 🙂


Still waiting for the announcement of the winner…

How much longer?
June 13th, 2011 at 9:42 pm

The wait is unbearable, when will the winner be chosen?


Tomorrow… 🙂

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