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Publisher possibly “out of his mind”

Last month Angry Robot overlord Marc Gascoigne announced the signing of not one, not two, but three new authors to our list who … well, OK, we admit it, who all had names beginning with M. Yes, it was all just a spooky coincidence but a bit of fun, so yeah, we ran with it.

Today, he now claims, he’s signed two authors whose names begin with G. Ah. Surely MG is just messing with our minds now. What is this, some kind of cryptic Da Vinci Code homage? Has he buried some extraordinary Golden Robot at a secret location and wants us all to run around the countryside with spades? Or is it just one of those coincidences that actually happen all the time and are quite mathematically plausible, only we never really understand them because higher levels of probability analysis are frankly beyond us? Even top scientists are baffled, it says here.

So to sum up – all we can say for certain is that Angry Robot has signed up two more top talents for novels to appear in 2010 and beyond. And here they are:

guy_adamsIn one, it’s GUY ADAMS. In a varied career, Guy trained and worked as an actor for twelve years before becoming a full-time writer. He mugged someone on Emmerdale, performed a dance routine as Hitler and spent eighteen months touring his own comedy material around clubs and theatres. He is the author of the best-selling Rules of Modern Policing: 1973 Edition, a spoof police manual “written by” DCI Gene Hunt of Life On Mars. He’s has also written a two-volume series companion to that; a Torchwood novel, The House That Jack Built; and The Case Notes of Sherlock Holmes, a fictional facsimile of a scrapbook kept by Doctor John Watson. He’s also the current supremo of the British Fantasy Society. Enter his world at lizardsplay.blogspot.com.

Now he’s moving into original fiction, with a pair of novels starting with THE WORLD HOUSE. Frankly, we were sold by the summary: “In a room is a box. In that box is a door. Beyond that door is a house. And in that house is a whole world.” The story comes to life when characters from different parts of the real world, and from different times, find themselves trapped within the World House – and not all will escape its secrets. We’ll bring you this extraordinary modern fantasy in February 2010, with its sequel, RESTORATION, towards the end of the year.

Gav Torpe getting to the point. A ha haa.Aaaand in two, it’s GAV THORPE, popular author of bloodsoaked fantasy sagas under the Warhammer banner, now moving into original fiction with a truly epic historically tinged fantasy trilogy, THE CROWN OF THE BLOOD. Tipping a helmet to the decline of the Roman empire and the conquests of Alexander the Great, this sweeping tale looks at what happens when a great general realizes that he’s conquered all there is to conquer, and sets his sights on returning home – only to discover that the empire he has helped found is rotten to its very core. Massed battles, political mayhem and some truly startling priests, it’s a genuinely original retooling of what makes fantasy great. Volume one, itself called THE CROWN OF THE BLOOD, will be published by Angry Robot at the start of Summer 2010.

Gav Thorpe works from Nottingham, England and has written more than a dozen novels and even more short stories. Growing up in tedious town just north of London, he originally intended to be an illustrator but after acknowledging an inability to draw or paint he turned his hand to writing. Gav spent 14 years as a developer for Games Workshop on the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 before going freelance in 2008. It is claimed (albeit solely by our Gav, frankly) that he is merely a puppet of a mechanical hamster called Dennis that intends to take over the world via the global communications network. When not writing, Gav enjoys playing games, cooking, pro-wrestling and smiling wryly. His website is mechanicalhamster.wordpress.com – told you.

For more information just glue your eyeballs to, well, this very website or drop us a line.

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Gav Thorpe enjoys pro-wrestling? Jesus… don’t I feel weedy in comparison. Can you add “gives a mean Chinese burn” to my bio?

Cannot say how happy I am to be onboard!


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Why can’t you say you’re happy? Is it some medical condition you suffer from, like anhedonia?


Perhaps Guy is afraid that if he expresses disproportionate happiness that Gav may sic Dennis on him.


Nah… I’m just English.

Though this “Dennis” character does sound somewhat alarming. But then, what doesn’t over here at Camp Angry Robot?


Goddamn, now he’s saying we’re “camp”? Pot/kettle, Mr Ex-Actor Sir!


As I have no neurological impediemnt preventing me from doing so, I can say that I am very happy to be a cog in the Angry Robot machine.

@Guy. To be honest, watching men in latex pretending to fight is pretty camp if you think about it too much.

And rumours that I can in anyway control what that deviant hamster gets up to greatly over-estimate my influence. I took his batteries out and it still hasn’t stopped him…


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